The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a non-profit trade organization in operation for over 40 years and has a reputation for its credibility as well as upholding its reputation as one of the most highly regarded trade association. CompTIA offers a range of certifications for individuals who are looking to enter the IT field. The various CompTIA certifications cover the different aspects of the IT field. These certifications are classified as Core, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and additional professional. Each of these classifications is compilations of the corresponding certifications, that enable professionals to learn the fundamentals as well as advanced skills in their preferred field.
One core CompTIA certification is Security plus certification. This Certification validates and provides credibility to the skills of IT professionals and provides them with an upwards trajectory in an IT security career. This article will talk about the prospective career opportunities that a CompTIA certification such as a Security plus certification provides and what kind of jobs individuals can expect after attaining these certifications. Before we delve deeper into the specific position’s individuals are eligible for acquiring in IT departments of organizations after security plus certification, let’s get one of the more significant considerations out of the way. The average salary of individuals with security plus certification is in the ballpark of 72,000$ per year.

The Jobs IT professionals with security plus certification can get:

Security Analyst:

This is perhaps the most in common job available for these professionals with security plus certification. The CompTIA certification provides credibility to their skills which gives them an edge in the job market. As security analysts, IT security professionals are expected to provide and maintain security solutions to their organizations. This means researching and collecting data, as well as optimizing the system for maximized performance. Security Analysts are an integral part of every IT department that enhance security measures in place and keep the system up to date with the latest best practices prevailing in the industry. Their contribution to the organization and the IT infrastructure as a whole is significant, and therefore they are paid well as a reward for their contributions. Individuals with security plus certification working as security analysts can expect to be paid anywhere from $60,000 to $80,000.

Cyber Security Analyst:

A CompTIA certification instills key skills in individuals required for them to excel in their respective IT fields. Security plus certification enhances the capabilities of these professionals and makes them more suited towards important roles in an IT department, such as a Cyber Security Analyst and Cyber Security Engineer. A Cyber Security Analyst is expected to monitor and analyze data related to the security system in place within the IT infrastructure operating in the organization. They then communicate their analyses with colleagues and continuously work to make the security protocols in place even more fool-proof. In a worst-case scenario, Cyber Security Analysts are expected to appropriately respond to threats and attempts at breaches in a timely and responsible manner. Due to their importance and the significance of their contribution to any IT infrastructure, Cyber Security Analysts are paid well. These professionals can expect their pay scale to range somewhere in the neighborhood of 70,000$, with the most capable professionals bagging cheques of as much as 100,000$.

Information Technology (IT) manager:

Information Technology (IT) managers, as the name suggests, are responsible for a wide range of duties such as supervising a company’s computer infrastructure and other areas of concern. Supervisory duties may consist of monitoring and overseeing teams handling Networking, Security and Software Platforms in place within the company. IT managers are required to manage the resources available to them and develop processes that enhance the performance, efficiency, and design of all information services and products. They are also expected to research new trends and find ways to upgrade or enhance the IT systems in place. These main duties coupled with various other supervisory task make this an incredibly important position, and professionals are well-paid for this job. IT professionals can expect an average salary of 86,000$ with the highest pay to cross the threshold of 130,000$. CompTIA certification provides professionals a slight edge over their peers.

Systems Administrator:

Systems Administrators are required to do technical tasks related to the hardware installed in an organization’s IT infrastructure. They are required to make sure that all the hardware components installed are operating properly and reliably. Moreover, they are expected to deploy software and hardware enhancements that allow for infrastructural upgrades. Furthermore, they are expected to suggest recommend suitable IT upgrades for the organization. The skills of Systems Administrators are indispensable and cannot be overlooked. For an organization to stay competitive and maintain an effective IT infrastructure it needs a Systems Administer to enhance the capabilities of the IT system installed. Any advantage organizations can achieve against their competitors is extremely important in today’s highly competitive world. These professionals can expect average salaries of up to 60,000$ with some experts getting paid as much as 90,000$

Prospects for IT professionals with Security plus certification:

With the increase in connectedness and more and more businesses using IT to enhance their scope and performance, the need to cybersecurity has drastically increased. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that Cybersecurity is the most in-demand IT field right now. Expert analysts predict that there could demand of as many as 2 million cybersecurity professionals in 2019. And by 2021 there will be a need of as many as 3.5 million cybersecurity professionals. Consequently, organizations with being inclined to hire cybersecurity professionals at higher pays, which will increasingly make this field even more lucrative. Most managers looking for cybersecurity professionals claim that cybersecurity certifications are a must have for IT professionals. From the recent trends in the field of IT, it can be confidently projected that the demand for cybersecurity professionals, as well as the scope of their jobs, will greatly increase in the coming year.