The notion of search engine optimization (SEO) has become widely popular over the years. The search engine has been around for quite some time but now it has become an integral part of online marketing. Marketers and strategists now rely on SEO for increasing website traffic that is generated organically. Most of the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo tend to display pages and websites that are relevant to the keyword that is placed in the search bar. The search engine then optimizes the website links according to the relevancy of the search input.

Determining relevancy of web pages on the search engine

Relevancy matters the most to a search engine but how is the question. While choosing the right set of words or keywords is essential, this concept has more depth to it than one thinks so. Search engine optimization techniques have completely transformed the search results by adding value to it. Not more than a decade ago, the search results did not have much value or relevancy but that is not the case anymore.

Looking into the technical aspects of SEO, none of this optimization is done manually instead it is dependent upon different types of algorithms. Through these algorithms the relevancy is analyzed and calculated, thus we are able to view some pages on the top results of search engines.

If you have noticed already, one website is always able to secure almost half of the search rankings. This online platform was not meant for the purpose of online or content marketing but it has become an integral tool for it. This platform is known as Wikipedia and it has been around on the internet for more than a decade. No one could comprehend that this online encyclopedia would be used for marketing purpose but has become a full-fledged reality now.

Correlation between content marketing and Wikipedia

Search engine optimization techniques are a few but before we go into its depth, one should know how to use content marketing strategies for SEO purposes. Since Wikipedia supports textual content, images, and website links, it is easier to develop a relationship between the topic names and the keywords to use for the topics. Content marketing depends upon quality content with immaculate grammar and vocabulary, so does Wikipedia. That is exactly what the search engine demands for as well.

SEO techniques are being widely by Wikipedia writers to build digital marketing strategies but firstly you should know why content marketing matters as well as the core principles behind its use. Most new writers and marketers do not fully know the potential of Wikipedia in devising a content marketing plan. While it is essential to know the guidelines and rules for publishing on Wikipedia, one should know how to use content marketing techniques for Wikipedia page creation.

Keep the focus on your readers

The focus of Wikipedia pages is never on the notable individuals brand or company. It is never recommended to revolve the content around you or your company’s achievements as blatant promotions are not allowed on Wikipedia. Never opt for an egocentric marketing technique instead of opting for a neutral tone. The readers would want to acquire something informational and useful from your page, as they surely would not be here to read something that is solely promotional and sales.

Add the relevant citations and credit sources

Never citing the sources you have taken information from is not an ethical thing to do. Content marketing that is done on unethical boundaries is never appreciated and it is even strictly against Wikipedia guidelines and policies. When writing content for a Wikipedia page, make sure you have added all the relevant links for genuine citation. That way you would be able to give credits to the source authors and in turn, get more online visibility for proving your credibility.

Look into the core rules of journalism

The field of content marketing is separate from journalism since it focuses more on the global rules and principles of marketing. However, marketers are asked to perceive content marketing as journalism. On Wikipedia, the Wikipedia writers have to credit sources, site links and add authentic references wherever it is deemed important. Journalism does not depend upon biasedness and nor do Wiki pages. Since this correlation is already observed openly, for the content to be morally right, writers should form a content strategy that follows the sound rules of journalism.

Write solely for the readers

While it is essential to add keywords in a Wikipedia page, it by no means suggests you stuff the keywords in every paragraph. Bloating content with the most searched keywords would not yield the results you want and in turn, your page might be rejected from the editors and moderators at Wikipedia. Make sure to research about the use of keyword density and then add the keyword according to the right density for wiki pages. Keyword stuffing results in sentences and phrases that do not make sense. The key is to sound sensible and natural so do not fret over content optimization instead include the keyword in a more naturalistic manner.


The aforementioned tips and principles are an integral part of content marketing. Since Wikipedia has also begun to impact content marketing techniques, writers and marketers should take both these notions hand in hand. The task of securing top rankings on the search engine organically might sound like an arduous task but with the right curation of content, it becomes a stress-free task.

The upsurge in the popularity of content marketing has completely transformed the way search engines used to work and due to this evolution, if a person or company does not have an online presence then they are deemed unknown by the masses. If your goal is to curate content that is unique, ethical and marketable, then content marketing for Wikipedia is the utmost choice for you.