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September 10, 2014.  I do not like to end road trips by a big city – but that’s where the airports are. Big city = return to reality, far from nature and wide open spaces. In addition, when it’s the first time I land in a place, well I’m lost – what do we do, where do we go, do we go to a museum? Do we sit in a cafe all day, but if we do that, we do not see the city, maybe we’ll never come back, have to enjoy!  In short, after 15 days of road trip, doing city tricks seemed weird. But finally, I enjoyed this last day of vacation in Denver, it was nice as a beautiful day of late summer. Here if I did ‘not talk about “Jeff Perry” my friend and photographer lives in Denver, Co USA. He actually invited me for this trip. By profession he is a photographer and owes a company Rocky Mountain Aerials. He helped us a lot take lot photos of me, my family and all the friends I have on this trip. It was a nice journey and could never complete without the help of Jeff.

The Denver Botanical Garden

As we took it as sleeves, we do not have a single guide on Denver available – he’s kindly stayed at home, on a shelf. We search in the big mess of the Internet what we could see in Denver. The activity number 1 which stands out is none other than the botanical garden. We like flowers and colors, we go there. It’s nice outside, big blue sky, sun. At the entrance, it’s the crowd! And the lady at the cash desk even tells us it’s a calm day.

The gardens are huge, divided by theme, there is an exhibition of glass sculptures by Chihuly , an American artist who integrates his sculptures into landscapes – there is one of his sculptures at the MFA in Boston and Seattle near from the Space Needle. In my subjective classification of botanic gardens seen in the United States, it comes in the lead: it is beautiful  ! NB: The Florida Botanical Gardens are defending themselves well in this ranking, with a big up to that of Naples.

Places for Food

Marg’s Taco Bistro, 200 Fillmore Street,  The best tacos I’ve eaten is here, not in California, not in New Mexico, but during the happy hour of Marg’s Taco Bistro. The tortillas were fresh, the original side dishes, and the margarita … exquisite. We stopped in this taqueria by chance or rather because it was in front of a nice bookstore, Tattered Cover Bookstore.

Little Man Ice Cream, 2620 16th St,  An ice cream vendor in a giant milk jug: Ok, here we go

The Art Hotel *, close to the art museum. A sublime hotel, with a superb terrace bar

Practical information about Denver, Colorado:

Flight / Airport: Denver was the starting and ending point of our Colorado / Utah road trip . When flying in the United States, it’s a great destination, not very expensive and right in the middle of the country, so not too many flying hours from anywhere. Denver is the perfect spot to then explore the Rocky Mountains , stopping at Boulder , which is an hour’s drive north of Denver.

Most of the time, when possible, we travel with JetBlue because

(1) we have their American Express credit card so we accumulate points for free flights (about 1 to 2 per year) –

(2) it is one of the only companies I know not to charge for checked baggage ($ 50 return for other airlines). But it seems that it will soon change …

(3) American Express includes damage insurance when renting a car – and this year, having had an accident just before returning the car, we benefited from it. All information on road trips, flights, insurance, are on the recap page of road trips in the United States.

Car rental: We rented the car for our Denver road trip, and we drove it back to Denver – it helps avoid car abandonment costs. The rental was much more expensive if we took it at the airport itself, Manu found a business rental center in a resort not far from the airport, with a free hotel shuttle, at the Holiday Inn Tower , 6900 Tower Road. We recommend it because it divides the price of many.